Produced Tierra Rogers longform

Our first longform production at California Golden Blogs centered around former Cal women’s basketball player Tierra Rogers. Rogers was considered one of the best high school prep players out there, but health issues ended her playing career. It is one of many tragedies that Rogers has had to overcome (including the murder of her father) to get her degree and move onto the next phase of her life.

The piece was written by (at the time) our longform multimedia journalist Lindsay Brauner, who has gone on to work for several national and local TV media outlets. My role was to work with her on the editorial time, while coordinating with the SB Nation design team on how to optimally design the piece for digital reading. The piece took several months to produce and was finished in June of 2013.

I would go on to produce two more longform pieces with Lindsay: Our feature on California Golden Bears rugby coach and 27-time national champion Jack Clark.

Click here (or on the image above) to read the piece!