Editorial Director of California Golden Blogs

I’m currently the editorial director on California Golden Blogs. I was recruited to CGB after two years of running Bears Necessity in 2009. I was brought on as a lead writer and started producing the lion’s share of regular content for the site for the last eight years. I worked my way up to editor and then eventual co-manager before taking over full operations the last three years. I now focus my efforts on analytics and marketing to ensure that California Golden Blogs maintains consistent and steady growth by producing content, running our social media.

I’ve identified, recruited and managed a staff of over two dozen writers for the past five years to execute a weekly content gameplan. California Golden Blogs has become the largest Cal sports related community on the Internet and one of the most active sports sites on the Vox Media network. The site averages half a million pageviews a month and averages among the most comments among any of our SB Nation college sites, thanks to the contributions of hundreds of active members. CGB has become extremely active on social media as well, with over 7000 Twitter followers and 38000 Facebook fans.

Writers from California Golden Blogs have gone onto write and/or work for SB Nation, Yahoo Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, local news stations, numerous industries like medicine, law, government and business, as well as attend graduate school at UCLA, law school at Columbia, and film school at Loyola Marymount.