Produced longform on Marine Garrett Cross

After producing the Jack Clark longform for California Golden Blogs, one of Clark’s former players got in contact with us about telling his story.

Former Cal tight end Garett Cross is more well known for being the recruit that led to the discovery of Aaron Rodgers, but his story is just as memorable and all the more inspiring. Cross’s story takes him from football to service to rugby to the military, detailing a path that has taken him from the fields of Northern California to the mountains of Afghanistan.

The story was written by media professional Lindsay Brauner, a long-time California Golden Blogs contributor and multimedia journalist at several news stations. I was responsible for the back-end processes of editing, developing storylines, working logistics with SB Nation’s larger design and product team, and eventual social media marketing for the post.

The post gained widespread accolades, including the attention of Cross’s former teammate.


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